Wingfoil Training Courses

Learn wing foiling on Lake Annecy

Wingfoil courses






1 pers.


(Private lessons)

105 €

1 pers.


(Private lessons)

160 €

2 pers.


More fun with 2 people

220 €

1 pers.

3 x 2h

Autonomy objective
(Private lessons)

385 €

2 pers.

3 x 2h

Autonomy objective
(2 or group)

 540 €

5 days course
1 pers.

5 x 2h


 600 €

Wingfoil lesson schedule

The wingfoil lessons consist of theoretical and practical instruction on the use of the wing wing, the board and the foil to navigate above the water. The instructor teaches the basic techniques of navigation, speed management and steering, as well as safety procedures. Then, students can practice these skills under the supervision of the instructor until they are able to fly safely and independently.

Steering the wing

Learn to fly the wing
Wingfoil flying is about using the wing and the board to navigate. The pilot holds the wing to control speed and direction, while the board is used as a support to maintain balance and stability. The position, speed and direction of the kite must be adjusted according to the wind and waves to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

First glides

Moving around the water and gaining speed

The first few thrills of riding a wingfoil can be challenging, but with practice and training, riders can quickly develop their skills and start riding safely and confidently.

First back & forth runs

Change of direction in one direction and then in the other

The first wingfoil runs are an exciting time for new riders. The rider should start by controlling the tension of the wing by holding it firmly to maintain stability and direction. The speed must be controlled to avoid taking off and losing control. Then the rider can begin to navigate by turning slowly and adjusting the tension of the kite to maintain the desired stability and speed.

Holding direction

Keeping a direction and not being blown away by the wind

The pilot can maintain the course by adjusting the wing tension and using the legs to control the board. Speed must also be controlled to maintain the desired stability and direction. Weather conditions and waves can affect steering, so it is important to constantly monitor them and adjust the position and tension of the kite accordingly.

Riding on the foil

Go with the wind to get the board off the surface of the water

The speed of the glide is produced by the traction of the wing on the water, allowing the pilot to take off and navigate on the water surface.

Jib & Tak

Turning in both directions: gybing and tacking

And once you are comfortable with freeriding by being able to turn in all directions, we can move on to freestyle ; )

The wing foil classes are taught by Mathias

Mathias brings a wealth of experience as a coach, combining both technical expertise and a passion for water sports. Currently, he has held the position of Coach with Société Nautique de Genève since March 2023, where he works to develop the skills of many sailing enthusiasts. He knows how to pass on his passion and know-how, offering tailored training and personalized support.

In parallel, Mathias has also been an independent trainer and skipper since November 2022, operating in both Switzerland and France. His versatility is remarkable, offering support in a diverse range of disciplines, including windsurfing, wing foiling, dinghy sailing, catamaran sailing and even cruising. His passion for these sports translates into a total commitment to improving the skills of his students, whether they are beginners looking to master the basics or advanced practitioners wishing to perfect their technique.

Notable skills include his ability to design sports preparation programs tailored to each individual, as well as his expertise in mental preparation, essential for excelling in water sports. His rigorous sports monitoring and ability to coordinate sports projects are testament to his professionalism and dedication to his students’ success.

Working as a freelance coach for, Mathias is ready to share his expertise in wingfoil, offering dynamic, personalized lessons for all levels. His individual approach to teaching guarantees rapid, safe progress in this exciting sport.


Times are set the day before so you can take advantage of the best weather conditions.
Any lesson booked, not canceled for weather reasons 24 hours before the date of the lesson, will be cashed.

Wingfoils course prices include the following material elements:
– the wing / Wing whose size is adjusted according to the wind and your level of practice
– the board / Board adapted to your size and technical level
– the fin / Foil chosen according to your riding style
– the wrists & waist leashes (at the wrist & at the waist) so as not to lose the gear in the event of a fall
– safety vests

In addition, wetsuits, gloves and slippers are available on request (from 4€ to 10€ depending on the model and the thickness).

If you are just starting out but
– you do not want to take lessons,
– you can’t go upwind
– you need someone to pick you up,
recovery sessions (supervised navigation) are offered at the price of 60€.

Security is ensured:
– either with an electric boat (cheaper and less energy-intensive),
– either with a motor boat (allows a return even when the wind is up),
depending on the need, the season, the weather conditions and the strength of the wind.


The practice commits you to:
– Respect other users and the Special Police Regulations (RPP available via this link) from Lake Annecy.
– You acknowledge that the equipment rented to you remains under your own responsibility for the duration of your session.
– You agree to cover the repair costs in the event of damage to the equipment (excluding wear and damage caused by a third party).
For example, for the repair of a wing, count between 50€ and 100€.
For an impact on a board, count between 30 and 150€
For a damaged foil, the parts will be replaced on estimate.
– You respect the defined navigation zones and the navigation regulations in force on Lake Annecy (departure briefing on the reserve zones in particular).
– You release from any liability in the event of bodily injury.
– You certify that you know how to swim perfectly (be able to immerse yourself and swim at least 25 m).
– You certify that you have no contraindications to the practice of this sport.
– You agree to wear the life jacket for the duration of the rental.


Wingfoil is a recent sport that is evolving rapidly.
In order to allow all practitioners to rent and test excellent equipment,
we collaborate with Fanatic x Duotone or F-one.

Wing Duotone:
Unit, Slick, Ventis (standard or D-Lab) in all sizes

Fanatic Boards:
Sky Surf TE, Sky Style TE, Sky Free TE, Sky Wing, Sky SUP and Downwinder

Fanatic Foils:
Aero High Aspect, AERO Carve, Aero Free, Aero Glide, Aero Lift

Wing F-One:
Strike V.3 & CWC:

Boards F-One:

Foil F-One:
Phantom & Gravity: < /strong>

Our goal is to allow the general public to rent and test the equipment
either during a session in free navigation, or during lessons.

If you liked the material you tested,
Go to the Surf It store at Petit Port in Annecy le Vieux to buy it!

Personalized gift vouchers are available on request: just send an email with the desired duration + name & the first name of the person to whom you wish to offer it.